Meet Our Featured “Organized Cook of The Month” Jen Goode from 100Directions

Meet our featured “Organized Cook of The Month”- Jen Goode from 100Directions.com.  Jen describes herself as work-at-home mom of 3, artist, internet geek and business owner. She professes to being a “multi-tasking idea girl” with a seemingly big lack of focus, which is why- I’m sure- her blog is called “100 Directions”.

Jen Goode

Jen Goode

Jen recently inspired us when she wrote this post titled, “Leftovers Are Not The Enemy” where she talked about easy and fun ways to make your work in the kitchen go twice as far.

Leftovers are the not enemy

Leftovers Are Not The Enemy, by Jen Goode


Jen Goode is also a talented custom graphic artist who created all of the original artwork for OrganizedCook.com.  We’re so happy to feature Jen and her tasty reincarnation for this month’s “Organized Cook of the Month”.


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